The Making of 'The X Files: Fight the Future' 1998

An exploration of how completely different the television series is from the film. The cast and filmmakers underwent quite a change in order to create the film X Files, The (1998). We are also given a breakdown of how the Texas explosion was conceived and put together. This is a fairly enjoyable piece to watch, what with several interesting and funny interviews with the cast and crew.

Future Man 2017

Josh Futturman, a janitor by day/world-ranked gamer by night, is tasked with preventing the extinction of humanity after mysterious visitors from the future proclaim him the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion.

Captain Future 1978

Curtis Newton, aka Captain Future, is an orphan. His parents died in their artificial satellite while he was an infant. His father was a scientist, who has abandoned earth for the satellite to dedicate his life for science along with his aging friend the genius Dr Simon Wright. Wright senses his death, and decides to implant his brain in a mechanical container. They both manufactured a superior robot and an android. Captain future dedicated his life to fight evil along with his three men, the brain, android, and robot.

The Best Future 2014

The Best Future (or "Greatest Future", or "A Better Tomorrow"), is a musical web drama/movie with 5 episodes, produced by Samsung and released online on October 27th, 2014. It stars Minah of Girls Day and Kang Joon, who end up becoming roommates through a mutual friend, but the two have no idea that they are roommates.

Phil of the Future 2004

Phil of the Future is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from June 18, 2004 to August 19, 2006 for a total of two seasons. The series was created by Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber and produced by 2121 Productions, a part of Brookwell McNamara Entertainment. It follows a family from the future that gets stranded in the 21st century when their time machine breaks down. The series returns to the US on May 9, 2013 as part of Disney Channel: Throwback Thursday. It also currently airs in select countries such as Canada.

The Visitor from the Future 2009

The Visitor from the Future is a cross-media series that combines comedy and science fiction. Since its launch in April 2009, it was viewed 5 million times on the French web and was aired on the TV channel NOLIFE.

Dream the Future 2016

What will the future look like? How will new discoveries and research impact our everyday lives in 2050?

Faith in the Future 1995

Faith in the Future is a British comedy television show running from 17 November 1995 to 27 February 1998. A sequel to the show Second Thoughts, it aired on ITV for 22 episodes. The show continues the story of Faith Greyshott, newly single after splitting from her long-term partner, Bill, at the end of Second Thoughts. With her daughter Hannah away travelling and her son Joe now in a shared flat, Faith decides it's time to stop being a wife and mother and live her life for herself; however, her plans are scuppered when Hannah returns and expects to move back home.

Future GPX Cyber Formula 1991

Future GPX Cyber Formula is a 37-episode anime television series by Sunrise. It originally aired in Japan between March 15, 1991 and December 20, 1991. Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda, Cyber Formula is a show about Formula racing in the future, when race cars are equipped with computer support systems called 'Cyber Systems'.

Future Card Buddyfight 2014

It is the year 2030, and the stage is the capital of Japan, Chou-Tokyo. Through "Buddyfight", humans have started cultural interactions with residents from other worlds called "Affinity Dimensions". Buddyfight is a game with selected humans as the "Buddyfighter", and residents from the other world as the partner (known as "Buddy Monster"). These battles have high significance and sometimes it is even used to decide the fate of a nation, and naturally there are those who seek to use the Buddy Monsters for evil purposes.

Future Cop 1977

Future Cop is an American science fiction television series which starred Ernest Borgnine and Michael Shannon. It was based on the TV movie of the same name and predated RoboCop by ten years. The series was aired on ABC in 1976 and was re-piloted as "Cops and Robin" on NBC in 1978. A veteran street cop gets an experimental android that has been programmed by the police lab for his new partner.

Future Cities 2016

A look inside one of the world’s biggest startup nations - Israel, and Shenzhen, looking at how and why the city has evolved so rapidly.

Batman Beyond 1999

20 years after Bruce Wayne hung up his cowl, his secret is discovered by troubled teen Terry McGinnis. After McGinnis' father is murdered by the man who now controls Wayne Enterprises, McGinnis is fitted into a high-tech Bat suit by Bruce Wayne, creating a new hero for a future Gotham.

Future Weapons 2006

Future Weapons, sometimes also written as FutureWeapons and Futureweapons, is a television series that premiered on April 19, 2006 on the Discovery Channel. Host Richard "Mack" Machowicz, a former Navy SEAL, reviews and demonstrates the latest modern weaponry and military technology. The program is currently broadcast on the Discovery Channel and Military Channel.

Future Fantastic 1996

Future Fantastic was a British documentary television series which premiered in 1996. This show looked at the how science and science fiction complement each other, and how ideas and technologies from the past are helping to shape our future. The series was narrated by Gillian Anderson and co-produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation, The Learning Channel and Pro Sieben.

Future Phenoms

Future Phenoms is a nationally-syndicated sports television show about high school athletics. The show, which is hosted by legendary broadcaster Pat Summerall, takes its viewers across the country in search of the brightest young stars in sports. Future Phenoms is the cable counterpart of the broadcast program Sports Stars of Tomorrow, the only high school sports program in national syndication. The show began in 2005 and provides in-depth feature stories about the top prep athletes in the United States. Future Phenom’s goal is to get an “off the field” look at the athletes, so they are frequently shown doing things like playing golf, strumming guitars, and studying. It is produced by GameDay Productions, a private television production company based in Fort Worth, Texas. It can be seen in more than 90 percent of the country, including markets like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Future Phenoms partners with the website Prep Ticket. In 2008, former Oklahoma City sports news anchor Mike Rigg was brought on the show as a national correspondent. Prominent athletes that have been featured on the show are: Greg Oden, Tim Tebow, Chris Wells, Kevin Durant, Terrelle Pryor, Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, and Matt Barkley.

Future Earth 2009

Future Earth is a four-part documentary TV series about human impacts on the environment. It premiered on April 26, 2009, on MSNBC.

Future Shock

Future Shock is a television variety show produced and hosted by James Brown in the mid-1970s. Shot in Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia and broadcast late on Friday nights on the Ted Turner-owned UHF station WTCG, it featured local amateurs performing a variety of popular and emerging dance styles, including disco, locking and popping, and early breakdancing, to prerecorded music. Brown and his musical guests also performed briefly. Other regular features included dance contests, interviews, and segments on black history. "Future Shock", a song written by Brown and recorded by Maceo Parker with The J.B.'s, served as the show's nominal theme music, though it was not consistently used. Following the example of Soul Train, Future Shock was syndicated nationwide in the United States, but it failed to attract sponsors and ceased production within three years. It has not been officially released on recorded media, and with the exception of a handful of episodes recordings of the show have long been presumed lost.

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