Roy Chubby Brown: Exposed 1993

TV host, Melvyn Shag catches up with entertainment giant Roy Chubby Brown to take him back to his roots. Chubby's story starts in the north east of England in the hostile and deprived region of Grangetown, where he was brought up by his mum.. an odd way to give birth. Visit Grangetown Secondary, the school Chubby left with no qualifications, except an Open University Phd in Gynaecology, and some french he learnt from the Head Girl. Re-live that moment when Chubby meets the girl of his dreams.. and that other moment when he later divorces her. See Chubby uncovered for the comic colossus, the genius, the legend in his own lifetime that he is, in 'Roy Chubby Brown - Exposed'.

Exposed 2006

MTV's Exposed was a television dating show which ran on MTV. It debuted on January 1, 2007, and was produced by Kallissa Productions and Endemol USA, as a "successor" to the dating show Next. The show ended by 2008.

Exposed 2004

Exposed is a program that airs on Tuesdays 13:30 ET on Canadian music television station, MuchMusic. The program focuses on a specific individual music artist or a music group and intends to reveal the real personality of the music artist by documenting a MuchMusic VJ spending time and interacting with them. The show concept is to provide a different view on a celebrity by documenting them offscreen and having good-natured fun with a VJ.

7 Lives Exposed 2001

7 Lives Exposed is an American reality television-themed series produced by Playboy TV. The series was first aired in late 2001, with a second season following in late 2002. The series starred pornographic actress Devinn Lane and was produced by Tom Lazarus. The concept of the series is similar to that of Survivor and Big Brother -- contestants must satisfy certain ongoing criteria or risk being "evicted"; in this case, Lane herself decides who among a set of couples living together in a Los Angeles-area home stays or goes each episode. As the primary audience of the series is heterosexual men, there are both heterosexual and lesbian sex scenes throughout the series. The sex is simulated; however, scenes of oral sex and masturbation are much more explicit in that some contact is shown. Dramatic tension arises from conflicts between the contestants, often related to jealousy and competition. The last season aired in 2006, which was Season 5.

SuperCars Exposed 2008

SuperCars Exposed is a weekly television show featuring supercars. Hosted by road rally and drifting racer Tanner Foust, the host tests drives the vehicles to test their limits against vehicles driven by other guest race car drivers in closed tracks.

Celebrities Exposed

Celebrities Exposed is a British television celebrity talking head documentary series that aired on ITV2 between 2003 and 2005. Repeats still occasionally air on ITV2 despite no new episodes having been made since 2005.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed 2008

Pedigree Dogs Exposed was a BBC One investigative documentary, produced by Jemima Harrison, which looked into health and welfare issues facing pedigree dogs in the United Kingdom. It was originally broadcast on 19 August 2008. The Kennel Club, the governing body of pedigree dogs in the UK that runs the prestigious dog conformation show Crufts, was criticized for allowing breed standards, judging standards and breeding practices to compromise the health of pedigree dogs. The programme generated much criticism of the Kennel Club. It also caused various sponsors and trade exhibitors to withdraw their participation from Crufts and other Kennel Club events. The BBC—which has broadcast Crufts for 42 years—withdrew its coverage of Crufts for 2009, and chose not to renew it for 2010. The Kennel Club initially denied the filmmakers' assertion that many dogs suffer from diseases and stated that the vast majority of dog breeds are healthy. It also lodged a complaint with broadcasting regulator Ofcom, claiming unfair treatment and editing. Due to strong public opinion, it later rolled out new health plans and reviewed breed standards for every breed. Some breeders have condemned the Club for overreacting. Ofcom's final ruling upheld KC's complaints regarding the lack of a right of reply for some allegations made by the programme but dismissed complaints made in various other areas. The ruling also acknowledges that KC's geneticist Jeff Sampson's views were misrepresented but states that as a whole, the KC was not treated unfairly.

Private Dicks: Men Exposed

Private Dicks: Men Exposed is a 1999 HBO TV documentary on the human penis. The film was directed by Thom Powers and Meema Spadola who previously made HBO's 1996 Breasts: A Documentary, a similar documentary on the breast.

Marc Wootton Exposed 2008

Marc Wootton Exposed is a television sketch comedy show, written by Marc Wootton and Liam Woodman, and starring character comedian Marc Wootton, who plays numerous in-depth characters, with obscured humour situations, in the form of monologues. The characters are introduced through the point of view of a photographer taking their pictures in a studio, and the show looks beyond the fake poses and into the life of the person beneath. The series was filmed over late August 2007 and ran from 13 January 2008 to 25 February 2008 on BBC Three. The Song We are your friends By Justice V Simian features in the programme's opening and closing credits.

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