Pleasure Factory 2007

A series of intertwining tales involve "pleasure seekers and pleasure providers" during the course of one night in Geylang, Singapore's red-light district. There are three distinct stories, united only by the presence of characters from all the stories in a streetside eatery:

Pleasure 2013

Behind the scenes of a porn shoot, the actors are practicing various positions. The rumour is that one of the girls is doing a double anal, an advanced routine that requires someone extremely tough. A startling film about workplace intrigue, set at a decidedly different place of work.

Pleasure Spa 2013

A spa that caters to its clients' erotic desires faces a shutdown when an undercover cop arrives to investigate its steamy business.

Pleasure 1979

Ishmael Bernal's caustic drama about kept mistresses.

Pleasure or Pain 2013

A young designer falls under a man's erotic spell and is drawn into a world of sexual abandon from which she may never return.

Pleasure 1931

A novelist and his younger brother fall in love with the same woman.

Pleasure 2016

It feels good. Slamming into concrete walls, risking the backcountry unknown, being broke on the road… Some would call it hedonistic behavior, we call it living the dream, and this cast of characters delivers a vibrant depiction of this so-called sport of skiing.With a local tourist mentality, the simple joys are found near and far. From India, Switzerland and Japan, to British Columbia, Washington DC, and Alaska, it’s business in the front, party in the back, and no one is phoning it in. Level 1 continues to surprise with another must watch ski film in a lineage of classics, for your viewing PLEASURE.

Pleasure Island 2015

A mysterious man, Dean, returns to his hometown of Grimsby after many years abroad in the Army. His arrival is met with animosity, particularly from his father, an avid pigeon racer. Dean is drawn back to confront his demons, and confess a secret to a childhood friend, Jess, only to discover she has been struggling since the untimely death of her husband. Whilst attempting to raise her child and battling a crumbling economy and dearth of opportunities, she is pulled into a harsh underworld. Dean must help her, throw her a lifeline, but the situation only darkens. When their lives are threatened he will do all it takes to make sure she is safe.

Pleasure Unwoven 2006

In this high definition video essay, Kevin McCauley explores the arguments for and against this vital debate, reviewing the latest newuroscientific research about addiction along the way.Using the spectacular landscape of Utah's State and National Parks to describe the brain areas involved in addiction, Dr. McCauley turns complex neuroscientific concepts into easy-to-understand visual images that will help people in covery feel better understood, and their families and friends feel hope that recovery is possible.

Pleasure Palace 1973

Love develops between a young woman employee and a customer at a very unusual photo shop, which invites men in to take pictures of naked women. When the store owner tries to use his photo shop to blackmail the young lovers, their united front thwarts him.

A Day's Pleasure 1919

A quickly made Chaplin two-reeler to help fill a gap while working on his first feature The Kid. It's about a an outing with his wife and kids and things don't go smoothly.

Pleasure Cruise 1933

Roland Young and Genevieve Tobin have been married for one year, and they feel as if they are drifting apart in their marriage. They decide that they will take separate vacations away from each other to sort the marriage out. Tobin decides to go on a pleasure cruise, and while aboard many available men begin to hit on her, and she begins to contemplate having a quick shipboard fling with one of the men.

Pleasure. Love. 2016

Pleasure. Love. tells the two stories of a young man and a young woman experiencing passionate love for the first time. Each story begins with its protagonist meeting an older lover at a dance hall and embarking on a sultry affair. The younger characters are immature and stubborn while the older ones look for innocence and sincerity, yet they all long for pure emotions and love in a materialistic society. Having left their hometowns for the big city in search of a brighter future, they learn that what is important resides in the heart.

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet 1999

Three adventurous space pilots voyage to the all-female planet Andromina, looking forward to the most famous pleasure planet in the galaxy. When they arrive they find that all the women have disappeared, and it's up to them to figure out where the fun has gone.

Stolen Pleasure 1962

Based on the original novel by Tokuda Shusei, adaptation by Kaneto Shindo, Masumura Yasuzo directs. A battle of woman competing for the same man. Masuko (Ayako Wakao) is the number one hostess at a cabaret, living with her lover, ... but finds out that he has a wife......

Pleasure Beach 1998

Filmed on location in 1997 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the show was a six-part BBC documentary, which followed the day-to-day running of the park. It was mainly focused on the rides and the park managers, Jim Rowland and Keith Allen. The film crews also spoke to Geoffrey Thompson and Amanda Thompson, the director and producer of Stageworks Worldwide Productions (which directs, produces and choreographs the shows within the park.)

Vermilion Pleasure Night

Vermilion Pleasure Night, or VPN, is a Japanese late-night variety and comedy skit TV show that mixes animated and live-action segments in a fashion similar to SCTV. The series is best known for its recurring segment, The Fuccons, which spun off its own series.

Tales from Pleasure Beach

Tales from the Pleasure Beach was a three-part drama series broadcast on BBC Two in 2001. Each episode featured a self-contained story, against the backdrop of a seaside amusement park. The series was written by Welsh playwright Roger Williams and received a BAFTA Awards nomination for Best Drama Series, but was beaten to the award by Cold Feet. Filmed at Coney Beach Amusement Park in Porthcawl, South Wales, and Aberavon, Port Talbot, the series included performances from Ruth Jones, Rachel Isaac, Eve Myles and Siwan Morris.

Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure

Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure is a 2005 American television movie based on the creation and behind the scenes production of the 1980s prime time soap opera Dynasty. It was broadcast on ABC on 2 January 2005.

Guilty Pleasures 2015

Your favorite Food Network stars reveal their best-kept, most-intimate, guilty-pleasure secrets for the first time ever! We visit the locations and meet the chefs who make these crazy, ooey-gooey, “I-can't-believe-I'm-eating-this” food masterpieces!

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