The Terror 2018

The crew of a Royal Naval expedition searching for the Arctic's treacherous Northwest Passage discovers instead a monstrous predator.

Night Gallery 1970

Night Gallery is an American anthology series that aired on NBC from 1970 to 1973, featuring stories of horror and the macabre. Rod Serling, who had gained fame from an earlier series, The Twilight Zone, served both as the on-air host of Night Gallery and as a major contributor of scripts, although he did not have the same control of content and tone as he had on The Twilight Zone.

Terror in Resonance 2014

In an alternate version of the present, Tokyo has been decimated by a shocking terrorist attack, and the only hint to the identity of the culprit is a bizarre video uploaded to the internet. The police, baffled by this cryptic clue, are powerless to stop the paranoia spreading across the population. While the world searches for a criminal mastermind to blame for this tragedy, two mysterious children - children who shouldn't even exist - masterfully carry out their heinous plan. Cursed to walk through this world with the names Nine and Twelve, the two combine to form "Sphinx," a clandestine entity determine to wake the people from their slumber - and pull the trigger on this world.

Terror in the Woods 2017

Investigate paranormal encounters in the wild. From gator hunting in Louisiana to ice fishing in Illinois, these are the real-life stories of people who embarked on an outdoors adventure, only to be scared out of the woods by ghosts, monsters, and other unexplained phenomena.

Surviving Terror

Surviving Terror is an urban survival guide hosted by former Navy SEAL officer Cade Courtley. The series vividly takes viewers through catastrophic scenarios and arms them with the knowledge needed to survive the unthinkable.

Generation Kill 2008

The first 40 days of the war in Iraq as seen through the eyes of an elite group of U.S. Marines who spearheaded the invasion along with an embedded Rolling Stone reporter. A vivid account of the soldiers and of the forces that guided them in an often-improvised initiative.

Terror on the Streets

Terror on the Streets is an online web series, originally published on in June of 2005, featuring various air horn and public address pranks. In the series, unsuspecting pedestrians are caught being startled with air horns, gentlemen's club patrons are taunted, and even police officers are caught off guard. This web series reached its peak popularity in the Summer of 2006 and helped promote public interest in air horn upgrades for vehicles.

The Age of Terror 2002

Who are the men and women who bring bloody death to innocent civilians? Why do they do it? What are their methods? And how do they justify it?

Caved In: Prehistoric Terror

Caved In: Prehistoric Terror is a 2006 "Sci-Fi Original" motion picture, created by the Sci-Fi channel. It follows a party of tourists who become trapped underground by a cave-in, and who are then killed one by one by giant prehistoric rhinoceros beetles. The movie is infamous for its not-so-subtle "kill lines". These kill lines are lines said by actors right before they are killed, essentially telling the viewer how they will be killed; e.g. right before getting one's head sliced open, one would say: "Argh, I have a splitting headache!" The film is one of many Sci-Fi originals that focuses on being trapped in a confined area while being hunted by mutated species.

Fear Itself 2008

A television series broken down into thirteen separate sixty-minute films from premiere horror writers and directors.

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot 2004

Mini series depicting the turbulent and bloody reigns of Scottish monarchs Mary, Queen of Scots and her son King James VI of Scotland who became King James I of England and foiled the Gunpowder Plot.


TerrorVision is an American anthology horror television series that aired on the Lifetime channel in March of 1988. It consisted of seven episodes, each approximately 10 minutes in length. The episodes are: ⁕The Closet Monster ⁕Final Edition ⁕The Craving ⁕Reflections of a Murder ⁕One of a Kind ⁕A Cold Day in July ⁕Rosemary's Lot

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