Huckleberry no Bouken

Huckleberry no Bouken is an anime series based on the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. It is the first of two Huckleberry Finn anime. A second Huck Finn television series was made in 1994, Huckleberry Finn Monogatari.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2012

Beginning its tale in 19th century England, young aristocrat Jonathan Joestar finds himself locked in bitter rivalry with Dio Brando, a low-born boy who Jonathan’s father took under his wing after the death of Dio’s father. Discontent with his station in life, Dio’s fathomless drive to reign over all eventually leads him to seek the supernatural powers of an ancient Aztec stone mask in the Joestars' possession – an artifact that will forever change the destiny of Dio and Jonathan for generations to come. Fifty years later, in 1938 New York City, Jonathan’s grandson Joseph Joestar must take up his grandfather’s mission and master the abilities necessary to destroy the stone mask and its immensely powerful creators, the Pillar men, who threaten humanity's very existence.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad 2016

Thirty years before the events of Magi, a brave and handsome young man named Sinbad set sail and started his adventure. The future High King of Seven Seas gradually matured through various encounters and farewells, taking him towards kingship step by step.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad 2014

Not so long ago, mysterious structures called dungeons began appearing all over the world. No one knows what they are or how they came to be, but adventurers and armies around the world instantly took interest in them. Thousands set out to explore the dungeons, but so far, not a single person has returned. In a Parthevia port, a young boy is about to make a name for himself. Sinbad is good-natured, strong, and craving adventure. A kind deed leads to his meeting with Yunan, an enigmatic traveler who is far more powerful than his frivolous personality lets on. Yunan instructs Sinbad to attain the "power of the king" and change the world—by conquering a dungeon. The eager boy readily accepts, setting out on the grand adventure he so craved. Taking place 15 years before the events of the original series, Sinbad no Bouken chronicles Sinbad's youth as a dungeon conqueror. Along the way, the budding adventurer and merchant will have to face many obstacles, but anything is possible with the power of a king. This OVA was released prior to the TV series.

GoGo Sentai Boukenger

GoGo Sentai Boukenger is the 30th series in Toei's Super Sentai series, a franchise of Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is the first installment to be broadcast in HDTV. It premiered on February 19, 2006 at 7:30 a.m. on TV Asahi. Its footage was used in the American series Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, while the original footage was dubbed into Korean for the South Korean series Power Rangers Treasure Force.

Konpora Kid 1975

The time is set in the Mechatronics Era in the future. In this era, schools actually float in the Tokyo sky at around 2000–3000 meters. At home, there is freedom in movement as everyone has a flight mechanism within them which allows them to fly. Transportation is made easy as a result.

The Secret of Cerulean Sand 2002

Secret of Cerulean Sand is a 26-episode anime TV series. It is about Jane Buxton, a 15-year-old English girl, a visionary ahead of her time who dreams of building a flying machine. The series documents her journey through the Near East to find her brother. It is set in the late 19th century where impossible technologies such as landships and "floating liquid" exist side by side in this exciting steampunk world. The series is loosely based on two works by Jules Verne; his posthumous 1919 novel The Barsac Mission as well as his 1896 novel Facing the Flag.

Adventures of the Little Mermaid

Adventures of the Little Mermaid is an animated series produced by Fuji Television in the early 1990s, based on upon the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Little Mermaid. This 26-episode TV series was originally a Japanese/French co-production created by Jean Chalopin and directed by Takehiro Miyano. The title of the series in Japan was Ningyo Hime Marina no Boken, and the series was broadcast on Japan's Fuji TV network from February to July 1991. As in the 1975 feature-length movie version produced by Toei, Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, the mermaid protagonist was drawn as a blonde in this version and given the name Marina. It also added a new ingredient to the story: a magic potion given to the prince with which he could use to breathe underwater and be with Marina. Released in America for Saturday morning and weekday afternoon syndication by Saban Entertainment in the summer of 1991, the series wasn't nearly as popular as Disney's version and faded quickly.

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