Ruk Tong Aoom 2014

Lanta finds a baby under a vehicle, so she decides to take care of the baby and adopt him since the baby was abandoned by his biological mother. She is best friend's with Supadun so she forces him to be the father of the baby. Supadun is not pleased with her decision to take the baby in and he thinks they should give the baby to the police, they call the baby Tu Nu. But later he wants to be Lan's real lover but she's not ready to be anyone's wife yet. They bicker a lot but they're also lovey dovey too. The plot will revolve around the struggles of adoption and the feeling of conflict that adoptive parents face when the child is not biologically theirs. Some feel that you cannot love another child the same if he/she is not biologically yours. Hence the title, "Love Must be Carried." The saying is that a mother's love for a child that she had carried for 9 months is greater than her love for an adopted child since they aren't blood related. However, this lakorn will probably prove that wrong because Lanta and Supadun will be able to show that a child doesn't have to be biologically yours for you to fully love with all your heart.

Pi Goun Tong

Pi Goun Tong is a Thai Boran Lakorn which has been remade several times. It stars Matika Arthakornsiripho as Nang Pi Goun tong, and is based on Thai Mythology. Pi Goun is a type of flower. Tong means gold, and is also the name of the main character.

Jonah From Tonga 2014

Fourteen year old breakdancer and mischievous delinquent, Jonah Takalua, returns from Tonga to start a new life at Holy Cross High School. Dominating the playground with his gang Fobba-licious, amusing himself with endless filfthy jokes and a schoolyard rivalry with the Rangas, Jonah challenges the school system, getting himself into more trouble than ever before.

American Tongues

American Tongues is a 1988 sociolinguistic documentary examining American English dialects and accents and perceptions thereof. It was produced and directed by Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker. The Center for New American Media won a Peabody Award for the film in 1987.

Speaking in Tongues 2005

Speaking in Tongues is an Australian television program broadcast on SBS Television. The first episode was broadcast on 7 November 2005. The series ran for twelve episodes, with the final episode airing on 23 January 2006. The program is hosted by John Safran and Father Bob Maguire, who discuss current events from a religious perspective, often in a comedic manner. Maguire, a Catholic priest from South Melbourne, originally appeared on the early show John Safran vs God. Speaking in Tongues was the first Australian television program to be released as a free podcast. The episodes were released for download on the morning following each week's broadcast. The series was directed by John Safran vs God director Craig Melville.

Warrior 2018

A gritty, action-packed crime drama set during the brutal Tong Wars of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the second half of the 19th century. The series follows Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy who immigrates from China to San Francisco under mysterious circumstances, and becomes a hatchet man for one of Chinatown’s most powerful tongs.

Heart of Greed 2007

Heart of Greed was a 2007 grand production drama by Hong Kong's TVB. The reception was excellent for the series, and subsequently led it to win many of the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2007, including the 'Best Series' Award. It became 2007 highest rated series when it hit 48 points, within the final minutes of its finale. The series is currently re-running on TVB's Pay Vision Classic Channel, upgrading the series status as a classic. Due to the success of the series, TVB produced a spin off Moonlight Resonance and it was broadcast in 2008 featuring the majority of the original cast and a different storyline.

Pure Gold 2013

Pure Gold is a story about a pretty girl, drunk, promiscuous and lazy and always puts gold ahead of her son, but it is in the essence of the man that he can still do good always.

Spinsters vs Casanovas 2014

Three girls have intimate former classmates that continue onto University. Trying to separate the learning processes and goals in life, they find a difficult task. Honey likes a guy more than a friend! Because maple and Polynesian caught girlfriend secretly love to have a mistress (Gig). Trying to open their eyes, open their minds, honey, finds out the truth. But honey instead of angry friends Three girls fight Goliath Minority dig the former blew feel attacked as well. The trio decided to wear Converse, despite the different ways it's sad, but intolerant build walls in the grave.

3 Golden Men 2011

Saam Num Neua Thong (3 Golden Men)is a modern take on love of 3 men with different personalities who happen to be best friends. First we have Theetat, he is a playboy who owns a construction company. He loves life, partying, and his freedom. He lives with his girlfriend and they have an open relationship. Eventually he will fall for the cheerful Lumpao, a veterinarian and the cousin to one of his best friend Kritchai. Theetat once insulted Lumpao, saying he will never eye her as a love interest, which really ticked her off and they have been arguing ever since. Secondly we have Watchara, the honest police officer. Watchara has been in relationship for years, but has doubts. His girlfriend wants to get married, but he has been stalling it. Watchara is starting to realize that his relationship with his girlfriend is based on reputation more than on love. He eventually finds true love with the unselfish but boyish Fai. Lastly we have Kritchai and Arunsri, they work for the same company. Kritchai is a good guy, unlike his friend Theetat, he is not a playboy or lively. He is sincere with his feelings and secretly has a crush on Arunsri, but she has a boyfriend and is very faithful to him. Her boyfriend however is absolutely horrible, he has a gambling addiction and has always been unfaithful to her. When he dies, she begins to look at Kritchai in a different way, a man who is always on her side, ready to help her in every way possible. Their relationships: Kritchai, Watchara, and Theetat are good friends. Lumpao is Kritchai’s cousin. Kritchai works with Arunsri. Fai is Arunsri’s best friend.

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